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A stunning new documentary about veterans helping veterans.

From War to Wisdom follows an elite group of Marines who survive the war in Iraq, and the challenges of returning home, and find new ways to serve veterans on the home front.


When the planes hit the towers on 9/11, 19-year-old Josh Hisle enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. He and his fellow warriors stormed Baghdad, toppled Saddam Hussein, and spent years going from door to bloody door to fight the insurgency in Ar Ramadi.  Many of his friends never made it home. Some joined the estimated 20 veterans who commit suicide each day. Others are locked in a daily struggle to find a place in civilian society.

No one was unscathed.


After returning home, Hisle began playing music to deal with the pain. He was discovered by Neil Young, and thrived in the newfound spotlight, and the effect his music was having on other veterans. A powerful network began to develop, of Marines dedicated to helping other veterans heal and thrive, and Hisle felt compelled to tell the story in this compelling documentary.

the film
The facts


Tales from the battlefield, and hope on the home front.

This unique documentary brings you to the front lines of the Iraq war and back again. Poignant interviews with combat veterans from the United States Marine Corps address the reality of war, the struggles of returning home, and the hope for a better future.


The first half of the film follows legendary USMC Company Fox 2/5 through two combat tours in Iraq. Footage from embedded filmmakers Mike Cerre and Mike Elwell give a first-hand view of the war, in all its tragedy and triumph. Surviving Marines recount the joys and challenges of returning home, and their desire to continue serving their fellow veterans on the home front.

The second half of the film follows the Marines as they create grassroots programs throughout the United States, and their efforts to address the needs of their fellow warriors.

Though many films have addressed the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, none have told this unique story. This is not a pro-war or anti-war film: It is a pro-veteran film, a film about solutions, a vision for a better future, a journey From War to Wisdom.

The mission


Helping veterans to heal and thrive.

Six years in the making, From War To Wisdom delves into the authentic experiences of combat veterans in a way that few other documentaries have. It explores incredibly complex issues, and ultimately asks more questions than it answers.

We hope that this film will be a catalyst for dialogue throughout the country, a starting point for discussions about how to not only support veterans with the critical services they deserve, but how to create opportunities for veterans to connect, to thrive, to lead.

Beginning in March, 2017, From War To Wisdom will be available domestically and internationally through Vision Films, and we intend to work with as many organizations, universities, nonprofits, and supporters as possible to create opportunities for outreach and action. Stay tuned for more details.

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